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Being a parent and employee at the same time can be nerve-wracking. Not only are you spending more time at work than with your kids, but you’re also making them get used to being away from you.

However, the main problem lies in how they weren’t able to learn things from you that they should’ve already known.

Since one of the greatest obstacles between a parent and a child is the treatment, you should consider coming up with a way to keep your children entertained while you’re away.

Here we offerrecommendations on Daycare Centers in San Diego that will definitely help you provide your kids with a fun and educational childhood.

Starting Small Family Daycare

This daycare center starts $60 a day but they can be very helpful sometimes. Their principle lies in how children can learn through playing.

That’s why they have lots of activities available for kids at the same time making sure that they’re taught some lessons.

Location: 867 Morrison Street, San Diego, CA

St Paul’s Senior Services

This is significantly cheaper than Starting Small Family Daycare, with around $30 a day. They provide lessons that develop communication, reading comprehension, as well as topics on shapes and colors.

Location: 328 Maple St, San Diego, CA

Bosforo Diana Family Child Care

Slightly more expensive than the first, Bosforo Diana Family Child Care offers daycare services for at least $65 a day. They’ve been in the industry for 30 years and they take care of infants as young as 2 months up to those of 5 years.

Location: 1003 Bush Street B, San Diego, CA

Mimi’s Place

Mimi’s Place offers several features, such as meals consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, and activities including Baby Whisperer. It’s great for kids of all ages and they take their job seriously with their scheduling assistancetools.

Location: 3137 El Cajon Blvd. #43, San Diego, CA

Amanda’s Helping Hands

Amanda’s Helping Hands focuses on training infants and toddlers, mostly from age 2, with several skills involving motor, sensory, and more. They also provide art lessons and projects for creative minds.

Location: 7572 Radenz Ave, San Diego, CA