2 Ideas That Will Transform San Diego Daycare Centers to a Place for Space Enthusiasts


Sometimes, children need to experience what they desire most. In the case of space-loving kids, nothing’s better than having a space-themed environment.

But how will you achieve such feats inside your daycare center using only the available resources?

Fortunately, this article offers two ways so you can transform any daycare center in San Diego into one that will be loved by space enthusiasts.

Painted Planets


To make painted planets, you’ll need masking tape, newspaper, and of course, paint. You can make the children help you out by letting them crumple piece of newspaper and make it into a balland paint it.

You can also try using an existing model of the planets so they can imitate the design. After all, planets can be a little hard to create if you don’t know what they look like.

Space Rockets


You’ll need a cardstock, glue gun, paper towel tubes, and paint for this one.

First thing you’ll have to do is shape the cardstock into triangular tops, which should be able to fit on the paper towel tubes, which you’ll have to glue later on.

Then, cut 2 slits on both sides of the paper towel tubes so you can put a stand on each of them to make it look like a rocket.

The children will be the ones to paint the rocket ships in a way they like, so you don’t have to worry about coloring.

These ideas aren’t just for show. You can include the children in the process of making these ideas come true so they can experience the thrill of creating their own space-themed space.

After all, they’re mostly the ones benefiting from them, so why not make them help you out?Plus, it’ll promote creativity and cooperation.