Replicate San Diego’s Space Society Conferences with This Space-Themed Decor


Most of the time, your hands are full due to the number of children you’re handling in the daycare center. There’s nothing unusual about that, though, since children can be hard to manage especially when grouped together.

This is especially true when they’re out in the open. Not only do they tend to go away on their own, but they’d also be easily lost in the crowd.

That’s why you can’t always rely on conferences of some sort to keep the space-loving children entertained.

So to help you out, here are some ways that you can take space enthusiasts to space-themed events, without necessarily leaving the daycare centers.

space themed decor lego spaceship - Replicate San Diego’s Space Society Conferences with This Space-Themed Decor

Space-Themed Building Blocks

Kids love playing with Lego, but with these space-themed building blocks, you’re adding an educational twist to it. Just remember to keep it out of reach from younger kids who are in danger of choking.

Space Models

Satellites, rovers, telescopes. Those are just a few objects that space enthusiasts willenjoy. Add it in your daycare center and the kids will take their time staring at them.

Solar System Marble Set

Children are used to looking at large models of the solar system. Unfortunately, they can’t touch it due to the fragility. But now they can with solar system marble sets.

Solar System Paperweight

This is more of a gift idea than a decoration.Its almost three-dimensional design makes it look like the children can reach the intergalactic system with their bare hands.

Glow in The Dark Celestial Sphere

If there’s a feature that every kid loves, it’s glow in the dark toys. Add that to a celestial sphere and you’ve got yourself the perfect toy for space enthusiasts.

These decorations can cost a decent amount of money, but you’ll find that they’re very helpful in educating the children that are passionate about space or astronomy.After all, there’s no point in running a daycare center if you don’t plan on investing in the children at some point.