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San Diego Space Magazine exists to help daycare instructors find ideas for teaching their classroom with a space theme. If you’re one of them, then you’re in the right place.

Save time by adopting these space-themed activities and ready-made resources to help you teach children better.

Who We Are

San Diego Space was established in 2019 and aims to help San Diego daycare practitioners by providing them with done-for-you teaching tips as well as space-themed activities.

This platform serves as a guide for such people to easily look for teaching ideas related to space. We also help you solve problems with teaching children.

San Diego Space was founded by Fletcher Farrell, a daycare practitioner in Boise, Idaho. Due to the increase in kids interested in space, he decided to create a platform where San Diego daycare centers can learn about such topic.

Our team is composed of experienced strategists, writers, researchers, as well as daycare instructors. That’s why we are committed to helping children have a better daycare experience.

We work with different clients, from daycare instructors to parents in the San Diego area who are interested in providing their space-loving kids what they want.

Our Services

Just as how varied our clients may be, our services are the same way. However, it’s a known fact that with each of the services we provide, we make sure that we deliver.

We mainly help daycare instructor’s in the San Diego area with space-themed teaching methods so they may learn how to handle space enthusiasts better.

We also provide them with ready-made instructions and lesson plans if ever they have no time to learn about such practices. We believe having the option to learn instantly or slowly can be helpful for different kinds of instructors.

In addition to providing teaching tips, we also help parents by bringing them ideas for space-themed activities, events, and more. Since parents are responsible for teaching children in their early childhood, we believe this is equally important as helping daycare instructors.

With our lesson plans, support, tips, and ideas, you can cater to the needs of any space-loving kids.

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page. You may also learn more about space-themed teaching methods on our FAQs page.