The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists


After staring at the nighttime sky, any preschooler will ask the questions, “What happens to the stars during the day?”.

And surely, you’ve asked yourself the same question at least once during your childhood days.So, there’s no blaming these children if they wonder about it over and over again.

So,what better way to do it than with an activity that is doable inside the daycare center?

Fortunately, there’s an activity that not only explains the process to them but will also help them explorespace through their creativity.

Nighttime Process Art

space loving artists playing with paint - The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists

Process art is a movement in art as well as a creative activity that doesn’t really focus on the end product. It’s more on the process of making it, the materials used and how you acquired them, and how you used your creativity to alter its form that counts.

For preschoolers, there’s no better way of mastering proper art styles than to practice process art. It’s also a great practice that allows them to naturally develop the motor skills that they’ll need to create an endless variety of artworks without focusing on the result.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the focus on this activity, which is a proper pencil grip. They’ll also practice their grip with holding crayons as well as paintbrushes.

It would also involve the use of watercolors. So, make sure you introduce them the proper way of dipping the brush in water and applying the painton the paper.

While this can be a new experience for many, it will be worthwhile, especially for those who have a passion for creating artworks related to space and astronomy.

Materials and Process

space loving artists hand painting - The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists

In this activity, you’ll only need four art materials, although the children may add a bit of spice if they want to nurture their creativity more.

These materials include white crayons, white cardstock, paintbrush and water, and black watercolors.

While it’s important to stick to the instructions to have a better end result, that’s not the point of process arts. It’s about how the children create the artwork.

However, for convenience’s sake, we’ll at least provide instructions on how it can be done. Firstly, though, remember that this is an opportunity for the children to practice resist art.

To make the artwork, white crayons are used for drawing the stars and the moon directly on the cardstock. Then to reveal the nighttime sky, encourage the children to use their black watercolors and paint over the drawings. You may also have other options for the canvas, but cardstock is the best when it comes to kid’s artworks.

Children tend to have a mind full of questions, and there’s really no hurting to answer most of them. While this activity can stir up the creativity of children, as well as answer their long-asked question about the nighttime sky, it’s important that you entertain their additional questions.