Replace San Diego Space Events with These 3 Space-Themed Activities


Do you have children in your daycare center that dream of going to space events of some sort?Your problem is that you can’t always let them tag along since there are potential threats in a crowd.

But there’s really no blaming the kids because surely, you’ve once thought of what the stars and skies and planets look like in your early days.

As luck would have it, this article offers several ways for you to add the thrill of going to space events by using the available resources in the daycare center.

Moon Craters


Moon craters can easily be done and get passed off as a science experiment. While you’re making craters, explain how this works in real life to add educational value to the activity.

It would also help if you can provide learning materials for the children.

Sensory Bin


Yes, sensory bins can take the form of outer space and rockets. Plus, it provides children with the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and communication skills as long as they use the sensory bin.

You may also add the element of astronomy books into it and you’ll have yourself the perfect activity for space enthusiasts.

Space Station Dramatic Play


While it may take some time setting it up, a dramatic play about space stations will surely catch the attention of the space-loving kids.

In addition to being a way of creating a space-themed environment, the participating children can also develop many skills throughout the play, such as verbal skills, cooperation, and drama skills.

Children, in general, have a particular fondness of anything about outer space. So, unless you want the children to get over their passion without experiencing its thrill, make sure you perform these activities and teach them whatit’s like to attend in space events.