4 Award-Winning Geeky Astronomy Books Anyone in the Space Community Will Love


Sure, there are a plethora of space books for children out there, but sometimes you can’t easily find good ones easily.

But the good news is that there’s an endless variety of astronomy books that cater to children. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Here we look at children’s books that adults can also relate to, which is the main reason why it received space community awards in the past.

geeky astronomy books stacks of books - 4 Award-Winning Geeky Astronomy Books Anyone in the Space Community Will Love

Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition

This book focuses on the four African American women that worked at NASA. It follows their story and how they handled outer space, and their contributions to NASA after they returned from their journey.

A Child’s Introduction To The Night Sky

This book talks about many things, such as astronauts, the solar system, planets, constellations, and more, perfect for learning about astronomy.

Above And Beyond: NASA’s Journey To Tomorrow

NASA is already well-known, but this book follows the first-person point of view in NASA, like how it began, and more.

How To Be A Space Explorer: Your Out-Of-This-World Adventure

Children’s books can be boring since they follow the same format over and over again. But this one is different. It answers strange and funny questions asked by kids, which might also help them learn more about space.

Since these books are made for children, they’re easy to understand. That’s exactly why other adults enjoy reading them as well. However, it’s important to help children by reading it to them for a better experience. It also helps them let their imaginations go crazy when they aren’t the ones doing the reading.