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The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists


After staring at the nighttime sky, any preschooler will ask the questions, “What happens to the stars during the day?”.

And surely, you’ve asked yourself the same question at least once during your childhood days.So, there’s no blaming these children if they wonder about it over and over again.

So,what better way to do it than with an activity that is doable inside the daycare center?

Fortunately, there’s an activity that not only explains the process to them but will also help them explorespace through their creativity.

Nighttime Process Art

space loving artists playing with paint - The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists

Process art is a movement in art as well as a creative activity that doesn’t really focus on the end product. It’s more on the process of making it, the materials used and how you acquired them, and how you used your creativity to alter its form that counts.

For preschoolers, there’s no better way of mastering proper art styles than to practice process art. It’s also a great practice that allows them to naturally develop the motor skills that they’ll need to create an endless variety of artworks without focusing on the result.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the focus on this activity, which is a proper pencil grip. They’ll also practice their grip with holding crayons as well as paintbrushes.

It would also involve the use of watercolors. So, make sure you introduce them the proper way of dipping the brush in water and applying the painton the paper.

While this can be a new experience for many, it will be worthwhile, especially for those who have a passion for creating artworks related to space and astronomy.

Materials and Process

space loving artists hand painting - The Most Awaited Painting Process of Space-Loving Artists

In this activity, you’ll only need four art materials, although the children may add a bit of spice if they want to nurture their creativity more.

These materials include white crayons, white cardstock, paintbrush and water, and black watercolors.

While it’s important to stick to the instructions to have a better end result, that’s not the point of process arts. It’s about how the children create the artwork.

However, for convenience’s sake, we’ll at least provide instructions on how it can be done. Firstly, though, remember that this is an opportunity for the children to practice resist art.

To make the artwork, white crayons are used for drawing the stars and the moon directly on the cardstock. Then to reveal the nighttime sky, encourage the children to use their black watercolors and paint over the drawings. You may also have other options for the canvas, but cardstock is the best when it comes to kid’s artworks.

Children tend to have a mind full of questions, and there’s really no hurting to answer most of them. While this activity can stir up the creativity of children, as well as answer their long-asked question about the nighttime sky, it’s important that you entertain their additional questions.

4 Award-Winning Geeky Astronomy Books Anyone in the Space Community Will Love


Sure, there are a plethora of space books for children out there, but sometimes you can’t easily find good ones easily.

But the good news is that there’s an endless variety of astronomy books that cater to children. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Here we look at children’s books that adults can also relate to, which is the main reason why it received space community awards in the past.

geeky astronomy books stacks of books - 4 Award-Winning Geeky Astronomy Books Anyone in the Space Community Will Love

Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition

This book focuses on the four African American women that worked at NASA. It follows their story and how they handled outer space, and their contributions to NASA after they returned from their journey.

A Child’s Introduction To The Night Sky

This book talks about many things, such as astronauts, the solar system, planets, constellations, and more, perfect for learning about astronomy.

Above And Beyond: NASA’s Journey To Tomorrow

NASA is already well-known, but this book follows the first-person point of view in NASA, like how it began, and more.

How To Be A Space Explorer: Your Out-Of-This-World Adventure

Children’s books can be boring since they follow the same format over and over again. But this one is different. It answers strange and funny questions asked by kids, which might also help them learn more about space.

Since these books are made for children, they’re easy to understand. That’s exactly why other adults enjoy reading them as well. However, it’s important to help children by reading it to them for a better experience. It also helps them let their imaginations go crazy when they aren’t the ones doing the reading.

Replace San Diego Space Events with These 3 Space-Themed Activities


Do you have children in your daycare center that dream of going to space events of some sort?Your problem is that you can’t always let them tag along since there are potential threats in a crowd.

But there’s really no blaming the kids because surely, you’ve once thought of what the stars and skies and planets look like in your early days.

As luck would have it, this article offers several ways for you to add the thrill of going to space events by using the available resources in the daycare center.

Moon Craters

space themed activities moon - Replace San Diego Space Events with These 3 Space-Themed Activities

Moon craters can easily be done and get passed off as a science experiment. While you’re making craters, explain how this works in real life to add educational value to the activity.

It would also help if you can provide learning materials for the children.

Sensory Bin

space themed activities rocket - Replace San Diego Space Events with These 3 Space-Themed Activities

Yes, sensory bins can take the form of outer space and rockets. Plus, it provides children with the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and communication skills as long as they use the sensory bin.

You may also add the element of astronomy books into it and you’ll have yourself the perfect activity for space enthusiasts.

Space Station Dramatic Play

space themed activities space station - Replace San Diego Space Events with These 3 Space-Themed Activities

While it may take some time setting it up, a dramatic play about space stations will surely catch the attention of the space-loving kids.

In addition to being a way of creating a space-themed environment, the participating children can also develop many skills throughout the play, such as verbal skills, cooperation, and drama skills.

Children, in general, have a particular fondness of anything about outer space. So, unless you want the children to get over their passion without experiencing its thrill, make sure you perform these activities and teach them whatit’s like to attend in space events.

5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters


Cooking provides children with the opportunity to develop several skills. Believe it or not, it can even improve their math skills. It also helps them develop a habit of following instructions strictly.

That’s why you have to answer any questions that pop out of the children’smouths. But the most important part of cooking is that kids can enjoy it. Now add the element of space and Disney to that.

Here we look at snacks featuring Disney characters and space objects for space lovers. Keep in mind that they’re edible, despite their looks. Let’s first look at space-themed snacks.

Milky Way

snacks san diego daycare jello - 5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters

The Milky Way snack revolves around the use of milk to create a Milky Way lookalike using jello.Make jello as you normally would but with milk. Then let it set in the refrigerator.

Next is the pudding but this time, use a red food coloring.You can now create a Milky Way model by mixing small layers of jello with whipped topping and the red-colored pudding into plastic cups.

Sunshine Shakes

snacks san diego daycare shakes - 5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters

With this snack, you’ll have to use a blender. Then, look for an unsweetened orange juice concentrate and freeze it. Milk, water, ice cubes, and vanilla should be easy to find.

Finally, blend them all together and you’ll have yourself shakes that resemble the sunshine. The best part is that they’re healthy, considering the combination of orange and milk.

Doughnut and Pretzel Disney Characters

snacks san diego daycare doughnuts - 5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters

Since the shapes of doughnut and pretzels can easily be altered while baking, it’s the perfect snacks for replicating Disney characters.

Marshmallow Baymax

snacks san diego daycare marshmallow - 5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters

Let’s not forget that marshmallows can easily be identified to Baymax of Big Hero 6 by decorating them.

Pinocchio Pretzel Rods

snacks san diego daycare pretzel - 5 Snacks Available in San Diego Daycare Centers Featuring Disney and Space Characters

Pretzel rods are just what you need to create the long nose of Pinocchio and create cookies just like the said Disney character.

Make sure you invite the children to cook or bake with you. After all, they’ll be more eager to eat their products if they helped make them.

Replicate San Diego’s Space Society Conferences with This Space-Themed Decor


Most of the time, your hands are full due to the number of children you’re handling in the daycare center. There’s nothing unusual about that, though, since children can be hard to manage especially when grouped together.

This is especially true when they’re out in the open. Not only do they tend to go away on their own, but they’d also be easily lost in the crowd.

That’s why you can’t always rely on conferences of some sort to keep the space-loving children entertained.

So to help you out, here are some ways that you can take space enthusiasts to space-themed events, without necessarily leaving the daycare centers.

space themed decor lego spaceship - Replicate San Diego’s Space Society Conferences with This Space-Themed Decor

Space-Themed Building Blocks

Kids love playing with Lego, but with these space-themed building blocks, you’re adding an educational twist to it. Just remember to keep it out of reach from younger kids who are in danger of choking.

Space Models

Satellites, rovers, telescopes. Those are just a few objects that space enthusiasts willenjoy. Add it in your daycare center and the kids will take their time staring at them.

Solar System Marble Set

Children are used to looking at large models of the solar system. Unfortunately, they can’t touch it due to the fragility. But now they can with solar system marble sets.

Solar System Paperweight

This is more of a gift idea than a decoration.Its almost three-dimensional design makes it look like the children can reach the intergalactic system with their bare hands.

Glow in The Dark Celestial Sphere

If there’s a feature that every kid loves, it’s glow in the dark toys. Add that to a celestial sphere and you’ve got yourself the perfect toy for space enthusiasts.

These decorations can cost a decent amount of money, but you’ll find that they’re very helpful in educating the children that are passionate about space or astronomy.After all, there’s no point in running a daycare center if you don’t plan on investing in the children at some point.

2 Ideas That Will Transform San Diego Daycare Centers to a Place for Space Enthusiasts


Sometimes, children need to experience what they desire most. In the case of space-loving kids, nothing’s better than having a space-themed environment.

But how will you achieve such feats inside your daycare center using only the available resources?

Fortunately, this article offers two ways so you can transform any daycare center in San Diego into one that will be loved by space enthusiasts.

Painted Planets

space enthusiasts spaceman - 2 Ideas That Will Transform San Diego Daycare Centers to a Place for Space Enthusiasts

To make painted planets, you’ll need masking tape, newspaper, and of course, paint. You can make the children help you out by letting them crumple piece of newspaper and make it into a balland paint it.

You can also try using an existing model of the planets so they can imitate the design. After all, planets can be a little hard to create if you don’t know what they look like.

Space Rockets

space enthusiasts rocket - 2 Ideas That Will Transform San Diego Daycare Centers to a Place for Space Enthusiasts

You’ll need a cardstock, glue gun, paper towel tubes, and paint for this one.

First thing you’ll have to do is shape the cardstock into triangular tops, which should be able to fit on the paper towel tubes, which you’ll have to glue later on.

Then, cut 2 slits on both sides of the paper towel tubes so you can put a stand on each of them to make it look like a rocket.

The children will be the ones to paint the rocket ships in a way they like, so you don’t have to worry about coloring.

These ideas aren’t just for show. You can include the children in the process of making these ideas come true so they can experience the thrill of creating their own space-themed space.

After all, they’re mostly the ones benefiting from them, so why not make them help you out?Plus, it’ll promote creativity and cooperation.